SEL Stories

The data is one way to tell the story of how social and emotional learning impacts students and adults alike. Other stories are just as powerful. On this page First Person reflections, Case Studies, and Ask the Expert insights round out the picture and help make a compelling case why SEL should be a priority for every student from preschool through high school.

  • First Person

    In their own words leaders in the SEL field tell why SEL is important to them and how it became a pillar of their educational approach. The stories come from people as diverse as the original founders of the SEL movement to those on the front lines—in districts and schools—who are new to SEL. Learn more.

  • Case Studies

    In these portraits of SEL in action, we show through first-hand observations what SEL looks like in districts and schools across the country—the inspiring leaders, the teamwork and commitment that’s needed to make SEL a priority, and the positive impact on everyone involved. Learn more.

  • Ask the Experts

    Every month we interview leaders in the SEL field to get their insights into topics of broad current interest. Most of the interviews involve both a researcher and a practitioner. All reflect cutting-edge knowledge about key SEL issues. Learn more.