District-level SEL

CASEL’s comprehensive district framework identifies 10 essential areas of focus for systemic SEL implementation throughout a district. Districts that implemented these components saw improvements in school climate, behavior, attendance, graduation rate and academic achievement.


  • As awareness spreads about the multiple benefits of social and emotional learning (SEL) for students and staff alike, a growing number of districts are adopting systemic strategies that embed SEL into every aspect of school life. They are building SEL into their strategic plans and budgets. They are using SEL to help school leaders create the kind of positive climates that keep students safe and make learning possible. They are using SEL to inform classroom instruction and strengthen teacher-student relationships. And SEL is driving their collaborations with families and community partners.

    Much of the innovative work is happening in our partner districts, large and small, including the 10 large urban school systems that are participating in our multiyear Collaborating Districts Initiative.

    CASEL’s comprehensive district framework to systemically implement SEL:

  • District Resource Center

    CASEL’s District Resource Center offers field-tested guidance, tools, and resources for SEL implementation throughout a district.

    Financial Sustainability Tool

    CASEL’s Financial Sustainability website features tools and case studies from districts that have strategically budgeted for SEL.