Funders and Growth Partners

In the more than two decades CASEL has led the development of a new field in education: social and emotional learning (SEL). Our research has documented impact. Our on-the-ground work in districts has accelerated implementation. Our advocacy efforts have helped embed SEL into public policies.

We are extremely grateful to the private philanthropists, government agencies, and individual donors who help us to reach millions of students every year with SEL. National and local donors across the country support CASEL’s general operations and strategic priorities.

CASEL Funding Partners

1440 Foundation

1440 Foundation generously supported the development and publication of the 2013 and 2015 CASEL Guides, Consumer Reports-type guides to identify school-based programs that successfully promote students’ self-control, relationship building, and problem solving, among other social and emotional skills. CASEL and 1440 Foundation also convened an advisory committee of leading experts on mindfulness with a goal to develop and pilot measures for collecting data on mindfulness practices. The 1440 Foundation supports programs and best practices that cultivate authentic relationship skills in education, wellness, and the workplace through inner fitness and relational fitness – concepts that are consistent with the five competencies of social and emotional learning.

S. D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation

S. D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation is supporting the Assessment Work Group, a collaboration with CASEL and leading researchers and practitioners in the field of PreK-12 education, assessment, SEL, and related fields. This critical effort is focused on developing practical tools for educators in social and emotional (SE) competence assessment and developing the future direction of SE competence assessment for the field.

Einhorn Family Charitable Trust

Since 2012 the Einhorn Family Charitable Trust has been a national growth and thought partner with CASEL. Einhorn invests in CASEL across its practice, research, and policy efforts. Through strategic conversations, knowledge sharing, and collaborative initiatives, CASEL and Einhorn are promoting SEL in preschool through high school students and expanding evidence-based practices to put students on a path to success. The Einhorn Family Charitable Trust’s mission is to help people get along better. By investing in evidence-based programs and in partnership with national organizations, it seeks to inspire a movement of empathetic citizens who, with mutual respect and understanding, ultimately build an increasingly civil society.

Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation

Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation is generously supporting the Assessment Work Group, a collaboration with CASEL and leading researchers and practitioners in the field of PreK-12 education, assessment, SEL, and related fields. The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation grant will support the development of key design principles to guide the creation of practical social-emotional competence performance measures as well as an annual design challenge for performance assessments. Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation helps individuals attain economic independence by advancing educational achievement and entrepreneurial success.

Institute of Education Sciences

In 2013 CASEL was one of six grantees nationwide to receive funding from the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) for its first round of researcher-practitioner partnership funding. With support from IES, CASEL partnered with the Washoe County School District in Reno, Nevada, which is participating in our Collaborating Districts Initiative (CDI). The project’s goal: to improve and validate student self-report measures of social and emotional knowledge and skills. Initial findings are here. Several other CDI districts are planning to use this new version of the student rating. The states of Alaska and Nevada also are planning to use this resource with students statewide. The mission of IES, the research arm of the U.S. Department of Education, is to provide rigorous and relevant evidence on which to ground education practice and policy and share this information broadly.

McCormick Foundation

In 2015 the Robert R. McCormick Foundation generously supported a three-year partnership between CASEL and the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) to advance schoolwide SEL implementation across the district. This project is being piloted in four Little Village schools, and lessons will be incorporated into a guide for CPS educators. The McCormick Foundation seeks to foster communities of educated, informed, and engaged citizens.

NoVo Foundation

Starting in 2010, CASEL and NoVo Foundation engaged eight large urban school districts in the first-of-its-kind Collaborating Districts Initiative (CDI) to plan for and implement districtwide SEL. The CDI is the only large-scale strategic effort promoting systemic SEL in the country. Today NoVo Foundation is dedicated to catalyzing a transformation in global society, moving from a culture of domination to one of equality and partnership. The foundation supports the development of capacities in people — individually and collectively — to help create a caring and balanced world.

Pure Edge, Inc.

In 2016 Pure Edge, Inc. provided generous support to expand CASEL’s Collaborating States Initiative (CSI) to include the participation of eleven additional states. CASEL and the states are actively partnering on the development of policies, learning competencies or goals, and guidelines to support statewide implementation of social and emotional learning. Pure Edge, Inc. builds partnerships with school districts, academic research institutions, and government entities to influence the national conversation around the impact of health and wellness on children to develop policies that make health and wellness an essential component of the education system.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

In 2015 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) provided generous support to CASEL for the Collaborating States Initiative (CSI) to explore voluntary model SEL state standards, guidelines, and policies to create conditions that may support statewide implementation of SEL and to work with seven states on their goals and plans to develop them. In 2012 RWJF also supported CASEL’s efforts to identify effective financial strategies for sustaining SEL in CASEL’s CDI collaborating districts and others across the country. Today CASEL’s financial sustainability tools are helping districts across the country prioritize and sustain SEL programming. RWJF is the nation’s largest philanthropy devoted solely to the public’s health. Its efforts focus on improving both the health of everyone in America and their health care — how it’s delivered, how it’s paid for, and how well it works for patients and their families. RWJF is working to build a Culture of Health in America, with a belief that our nation can only reach its full potential when every child is able to lead the healthiest, most successful life possible. The views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views of the Foundation.

Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors

Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors (RPA) provides generous funding to CASEL to support school districts and their capacity to promote social and emotional learning. RPA is a nonprofit organization that currently advises on and manages more than $200 million in annual giving by individuals, families, corporations, and major foundations. Continuing the Rockefeller family’s legacy of thoughtful, effective philanthropy, RPA remains at the forefront of philanthropic growth and innovation, with a diverse team led by experienced grantmakers with significant depth of knowledge across the spectrum of issue areas. Founded in 2002, RPA has grown into one of the world’s largest philanthropic service organizations and, as a whole, has facilitated more than $3 billion in grantmaking to nearly 70 countries.

The Spencer Foundation

Spencer Foundation is generously supporting the Assessment Work Group, a collaboration with CASEL and leading researchers and practitioners in the field of PreK-12 education, assessment, SEL, and related fields. This effort focuses on developing practical tools for educators in social and emotional (SE) competence assessment and developing the future directions of SE competence assessment for the field. Spencer Foundation is committed to supporting high-quality investigation of education through its research programs and to strengthening and renewing the educational research community through its fellowship and training programs and related activities.

The Wallace Foundation

The Wallace Foundation and CASEL are collaborating on aligning SEL implementation strategies during in-school and out-of-school time. As part of the partnership, the foundation is also supporting strategic communications and the development of knowledge products and platforms for dissemination. Based in New York City, the Wallace Foundation is working nationally to answer important questions that, if solved, could help strengthen practices and policies within a field. Its mission is to foster improvements in learning and enrichment for disadvantaged children and the vitality of the arts for everyone.

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