Collaborating States Initiative (CSI)

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is supporting the implementation of CASEL's two-year Collaborating States Initiative, which will allow us to actively partner with states on the development of policies, learning standards or goals, and guidelines to support statewide implementation of social and emotional learning (SEL). On April 11, 2016 CASEL released a Request for Proposals to launch the initiative. The project will also establish a community of practice of collaborating states to support deeper learning and educational practice related to SEL. A total of 26 states were represented in a bidder’s call on May 3, and by the proposal due date of June 1, 40 states had expressed interest in participating. On July 8 CASEL notified the following states that they had been selected to participate:  California, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Washington, Additional states will have access to resources emerging from the CSI and eventually will be invited to participate in a broader community of practice for state teams.

As part of the CSI, and in collaboration with an advisory group of national experts, CASEL will develop the following set of tools to help states working on the development of SEL standards or learning goals: (1) a comprehensive set of free-standing standards or goals for SEL with developmental benchmarks for preschool through high school; (2) model policies, including consistent language and terminology, that can be used to help embed SEL standards or goals throughout the education system; and (3) practice guidelines and other tools to support implementation for preschool through high school.


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