State Standards for Social and Emotional Learning (with Maps)

State Standards for Social and Emotional Learning

Closely aligned with broad policies, usually embodied in legislation, are state standards that define precisely what students should know and be able to do with regard to social and emotional learning at the various pre-K-12 grade levels. In the past decade significant progress has been made in establishing SEL as a component of education policy. Most noteworthy was the adoption of state standards for social and emotional learning in Illinois in 2004. Several other states have adopted similar policies or are currently considering and developing such policies. Since 2010, with funding from the Buena Vista Foundation, CASEL has been actively engaged in a scan of state policies related to social and emotional learning. This page links to several key resources related to state policies and standards.


Download a report on how Illinois legislators adopted the state’s K-12 SEL standards.


Download a brief on how CASEL and the University of Illinois at Chicago SEL Research Group conducted its scan of state SEL standards.


Download a slide show about the state scan.