Recent Work of CASEL & Colleagues

Info About Kids a new website with science-based information for people who care about and work with children.

CASEL in Edutopia: Why social and emotional learning is essential for students. Read more.

New from Committee for Children: How Social-Emotional Learning Helps Children Succeed–In School, the Workplace, and Life. Download the book.

New book: The Other Side of the Report Card Assessing Students’ Social, Emotional, and Character Development. Read more

New report makes a powerful case for SEL based on a wide body of research. Download the report.

From AIR: How after-school programs can support employability through social and emotional learning. Read more

New from CASEL: The 2015 CASEL Guide–Middle and High School Edition. Read more

Essential reading: Handbook of Social and Emotional Learning—Research and Practice. Read more

From the American Institutes for Research: A new study on the positive effects of after-school programs. Read more

From America’s Promise: A profile of school dropouts’ competencies based on the CASEL framework. Read more.

New article on how to implement Illinois early learning standards to affect social and emotional learning. Read more

PBS News Hour: Penn State study on the importance of teaching social-emotional skills in kindergarten.

New from CASEL: The 2015 CASEL Guide–Middle and High School Edition. Read more

Essential reading: Handbook of Social and Emotional LearningResearch and Practice. Read more

Yale’s Marc Brackett writes about teaching emotional intelligence to teenagers in the Harvard Business Review. Read more

From the American Institutes for Research: A new study on the positive effects of after-school programs. Read more

From Stanford:

How SEL Changed Three Urban High Schools. Read more

New on the CASEL website: SEL online calendar

CASEL has partnered with Committee for Children to develop an online calendar of events related to social and emotional learning. All are invited to submit items, which will be screened and posted if appropriate. The calendar can be accessed by clicking on “Events” in the top menu bar on any page of the CASEL website.

Video of Nashville panel on creating a positive school climate

In July 2014 the Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) hosted a conference on social and emotional learning that included a panel discussion of specific ways to create a positive school climate. The panel, which included university-based researchers and school leaders, offered numerous ideas and specific examples. View the video.

Two New Books by CASEL Co-Founder Daniel Goleman

In the fall of 2013 Daniel Goleman continued his exploration of social and emotional learning with a widely read new book titled Focus. Now, less than a year later, he has collaborated with noted MIT organizational theorist Peter Senge to publish The Triple Focus. Click here for CASEL’s interviews with Goleman about both books.

Youth Voice Leader Roberto Rivera Featured in TEDx Talk

At a TEDx conference in Grand Rapids, Mich., Roberto Rivera, a CASEL consultant and predoctoral candidate who focuses on promoting youth voice through hip-hop, presented a rousing account of his work and the importance of reaching out to young people through innovative strategies. Click here to view Rivera’s TEDx talk.

Webinar on CASEL’s Scan of State Standards for SEL

In this webinar CASEL Consulting Senior Research Scientist Linda Dusenbury reviews recently compiled findings from CASEL’s scan of standards for social and emotional learning in all 50 states. Since 2010 she has been leading this project, which defines and reviews high-quality standards for SEL nationwide. The project findings are divided into standards for the preschool level and the K-12 level. Included in the webinar is an overview of recent contributions to the CASEL website that document the project findings in detail. Click here to view the webinar.

Brief on SEL Assessment Now in CASEL Online Library

Strategies for social and emotional learning: Preschool and elementary grade student learning standards and assessment was developed by CASEL with support from the National Center for Mental Health Promotion and Youth Violence Prevention.

Citation: {C}{C}Kendziora, K., Weissberg, R. P., Ji, P., & Dusenbury, L. A. (2011). Strategies for social and emotional learning: Preschool and elementary grade student learning standards and assessment. Newton, MA: National Center for Mental Health Promotion and Youth Violence Prevention, Education Development Center, Inc.

“Preventing Bullying with Emotional Intelligence”–Education Week commentary

This article by Marc Brackett and Susan Rivers of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, developer of the RULER program, argues that emotions are at the heart of the bullying problem rampant in today’s schools and that emotional intelligence is a key to preventing it. Read the article.

A Webinar on How to Use the 2013 CASEL Guide to Preschool/Elementary School SEL Programs

CASEL Consulting Senior Research Scientist Linda Dusenbury provides an overview of the 2013 CASEL Guide to Preschool and Elementary School Programs. Dusenbury is a nationally recognized expert with 25 years experience planning, supporting, and evaluating evidence-based strategies designed to create a safe and nurturing world for children and adolescents. The 2013 CASEL Guide identifies 23 well-designed, evidence-based SEL programs and includes information that district and school teams can use to select the most appropriate program to meet their needs. In this webinar Dusenbury walks participants through the step-by-step process for selecting programs that meet the needs of individual schools and districts. If your district or school is just beginning to explore SEL, the Guide will help in planning and selecting strong, evidence-based programs that serve your students’ needs. If you are seeking to deepen SEL practice you have already begun, the Guide will help you reflect on and augment your efforts. Click here to view the webinar.

CASEL Briefs on State Standards for Social and Emotional Learning

Recently published by CASEL and available for downloading from our website are two briefs on state standards for social and emotional learning. Both are part of CASEL’s continuing review and study of SEL standards from preschool through high school in states across the country. The first presents a detailed review of the SEL standards in two states, Illinois and Pennsylvania, that have been national leaders in SEL standards development. It offers recommendations and guidelines that will be helpful to states and school districts as they develop their own SEL standards. Download the brief.

The second identifies key components of high-quality standards and provides recommendations to support development SEL standards, including examples from states identified as part of CASEL’s state scan. Download the brief.

Major Articles by CASEL Authors Available for Downloading on CASEL’s Website

Two noteworthy articles that have not been available on our website for many months are now back on the site as downloadable PDF documents at no cost to users. CASEL’s meta-analysis of 213 SEL programs was originally published in January 2011 in the peer-reviewed journal Child DevelopmentDownload the article. In October 2013 Phi Delta Kappan chose SEL as the focus of the issue, and CASEL’s Roger Weissberg and Jason Cascarino contributed the lead article. We are grateful to both publications for their permission to offer these important documents to our readers.

Archived Webinar on Integration of SEL into State and District Policies Featuring CASEL Leaders

On Dec. 11, 2013 CASEL leaders participated in a webinar on integrating social and emotional learning into state and district policies. The webinar was cohosted by the Center on Great Teachers and Learning, the National Center on Safe and Supportive Learning Environments, CASEL, and the Pacific Comprehensive Center. CASEL President and CEO Roger Weissberg discussed the current state of SEL across the nation. Pamela Randall, CASEL’s Senior Staff Advisor for the Collaborating Districts Intiative , discussed how Metro Nashville has been integrating SEL into their curricular reforms. CASEL Illinois Training Specialist Ruth Cross presented the work DuPage County, Ill., has done on connecting SEL to the Common Core and to their evaluation system. Sue Kidd of the Kansas State Department of Education discussed how Kansas developed their Social-Emotional, Character Development (SECD) standards and the use of those standards for their schools’ accreditation process. View an archive of the webinar.

Trish Shaffer, SEL Advocate in Washoe County, Nev., gives a TEDx Talk on the Importance of SEL

In January 2014 Trish Shaffer, Coordinator for Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) for the Washoe County School District (WCSD), gave a TEDx talk on the importance of SEL at a TEDx forum in Reno, Nev. Trish was a 2013 recipient of CASEL’s Mary Utne O’Brien Award for Excellence in Expanding the Evidence-Based Practice of Social and Emotional Learning and is a key leader in the Collaborating Districts Initiative in Washoe County.