NASBE Recognizes the Importance of Social and Emotional Learning

The National Association of State Boards of Education (NASBE) recently published the first in a series of policy documents titled "From Policy to Practice." The series will provide guidance and direction for schools nationwide, and the focus of the premiere issue is on social and emotional learning.

NASBE notes that "the recognized need for public schools to support students in areas beyond academics is not new, but recent developments in social-emotional learning (SEL) go beyond what has come before-and are starting to show improvements in both student behavior and academic outcomes."

The brief, titled Social-Emotional Learning (PDF), looks at the scope of SEL policies and initiatives in states that promote students' social-emotional well-being and character growth.

"Just as more attention is now paid to the link between students' physical health and academic achievement, it is fitting that SEL is also coming to the fore," said NASBE Executive Director Kristen Amundson. "Educators and policymakers know that a student's social and emotional health can have a significant impact on learning."