State Standards to Advance Social and Emotional Learning

This brief summarizes recent findings from CASEL’s State Scan, which reviewed the research literature on learning standards generally to identify key components of high-quality standards and assessed the status of each state in developing well-articulated learning standards for SEL, preschool through high school. The brief also provides recommendations to support development of high-quality SEL standards, including examples from states identified as part of CASEL’s State Scan. Concludes with a discussion of CASEL’s plans for advancing high-quality standards for SEL nationwide.

APA citation: Dusenbury, L., Weissberg, R. P., Goren, P., & Domitrovich, C. (2014). State standards to advance social and emotional learning: Findings from state scan of social and emotional learning standards, preschool through high school, 2014. Chicago: Collaborative, for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning.