Einhorn Family Charitable Trust


The Einhorn Family Charitable Trust strives to help people get along better. They seek to inspire a movement of empathetic citizens who, with mutual respect and understanding, build an increasingly civil society. Einhorn’s interests lie in evidence-based programs that build nurturing environments so that people can better develop and practice behaviors such as empathy, kindness, cooperation, and civility—behaviors also consistent with social and emotional learning. Sharing similar visions, CASEL and Einhorn form a strong alliance devoted to the development of healthy and well rounded individuals.

Since 2012, Einhorn Family Charitable Trust has been a national growth and thought partner with CASEL. Einhorn invests in CASEL across its practice, research, and policy efforts to:

  1. build capacity to provide training and technical assistance for school-wide programming,
  2. develop products and tools used in implementing SEL,
  3. advance scientifically based SEL practice with a primary focus on assessments, and
  4. lead an SEL-focused policy and communications effort to provide more children with quality SEL programming.

Through strategic conversations, knowledge sharing, and collaborative initiatives, CASEL and Einhorn Family Charitable Trust are promoting SEL in preschool through high school students and expanding evidence-based practices to put students on a path to success.